Intuitive Spiritual Reading in Sedona with Sedona Psychic Cynthia Tierra

Intuitive Spiritual Readings with Healing From The Heart

“Your excellent readings have really helped me many times. Thank you, again!”
Hadley G. – Asheville, NC


Intuitive Spiritual Readings

psychic-readingsAre you concerned about your finances? your relationships? your health? the direction your life has taken? Sedona Psychic Intuitive Reader, Cynthia Tierra will help guide you on your spiritual path and sort through your challenges. Safely address your issues and conflicts to heal your life. There are no right or wrong answers, only possibilities and probabilities. An intuitive spiritual reading in Sedona will guide you and help you explore and discover what is for your greater good. You already have the answers. Trust in The Loving Universe and your intuition.


Intuitive Spiritual Readings-Runes

Sedona psychic reading the runesSedona Intuitive Reader, Cynthia Tierra, will consult the runes to help you gain understanding and address your challenges.Get insight into your past, present and future with the runes, an ancient oracle from Viking times. The runes deliver a personal message from Spirit to you about your choices. An intuitive reading with Healing From The Heart using the runes is a perfect way to gain clarity in your life. Subscribe to the Healing From The Heart monthly newsletter and get a FREE rune reading. Contact



Inutitive Spiritual Readings-Celtic Shaman

TreeofLife-modifedDo you want feel stuck and want to move on?  Celtic Shaman readings with Healing From The Heart help you understand your past experiences, present challenges and future possibilities. Get a complete picture of your life and receive spiritual guidance. Address what’s happening in your life now. Identify your lessons and challenges and consider what changes you can make. Clearly define your spiritual path.



Intuituve Spiritual Readings

intuitiveAre you unclear about something that’s happening in your life? A Sedona intuitive reading with Healing From The Heart will help sort through your problems and issues. Sedona intuitive reader Cynthia Tierra, connects with your energy and The Loving Universe, bridging the gap between the conscious and the spiritual, to provide you with Divinely guided inspiration and direction. Make sense out of what is going on in your life. Sort through your thoughts and emotions. Reach deeper truths to reconnect with your inner spiritual voice.

How To Choose The Right Reader For You

chakra-balancer-fullCynthia Tierra – Sedona Intuitive Spiritual Reader
Do you feel drawn to a particular Sedona reader?
When choosing a reader, allow your intuition to be your guide. In this day and age where texting is the norm and conversation has fallen by the wayside, I suggest you call or visit any reader you are considering. The conversation doesn’t need to be long. Just get a sense of the person. Ask yourself if the connection feels right.
Before laying down any money, do a short interview. Ask basic questions like: What is your approach to a reading? How can you help me with my questions and concerns? Do you charge a set rate? Where and how did you learn to do readings?
Reputation can be important. Read reviews from people who have had readings recently. There is a reason someone gets great reviews, or scathing ones. Consider how long the reader has been in practice and if that reader is coming from a professional place of integrity. I belong to The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, an organization for spiritual professionals, and have signed their Pledge of Integrity. I also am a member of The Sedona Chamber of Commerce and have been in business since 1999.
If you are one off the many visitors who come to Sedona for spiritual purposes and get a reading while they are here; it is my desire that you leave Sedona with a sense of satisfaction with the service you have received.
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Your Intuitive Abilities

chakra-balancer-fullCynthia Tierra – Sedona Intuitive Reader
Many people when they think of a reader visualize a turban clad gypsy gazing into a crystal ball and foretelling the future. This is a psychic from circus side shows. The crystal ball and gypsy attire are props, illusions that have nothing to do with intuitive abilities. The truth is everyone has intuitive abilities, even you.
Intuitive abilities are natural senses. These abilities are not based on practical knowledge and experience. They are mysterious and can’t easily be identified or understood. The reason you may choose to consult a reader is you are looking for assistance to get guidance and answers to your life questions. The true answers lie within you, yet you probably don’t know how to access your intuitive and spiritual abilities and don’t trust what you feel or hear from your own inner guidance.
Another factor that blocks your willingness to access your intuitive abilities and spiritual guidance is FEAR. The fear may be of hearing something you know deep down inside is true, but is very uncomfortable to acknowledge. The answers to your questions probably involve making changes to the way you live your life. Where you are now may be needing to shift, but it is what you are used to. Change brings uncertainty and feels risky.
As a Sedona intuitive reader, I will work with you to access your energy and provide spiritual guidance from your own inner guidance, and the guidance of The Loving Universe. There are no absolute answers. Everything is possible. Some things are just more probable. Trust your intuition. If something feels right to you. It probably is right. If you are not sure what direction to take, an intuitive spiritual reading will help you gain clarity, through accessing your inner knowingness and Spirit. Ultimately an intuitive spiritual reading reading is a tool to help you along your spiritual path.
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