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Reiki Master Teacher and Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra

Healing From The Heart Sedona AZ

What Is Your Life Purpose?    October 12, 2017

One of the factors that distinguish human thought from the thought processes of other animals is our ability to think about the nature of our existence and ponder our reason for being here. Unlike our ancestors, we no longer concentrate our energy on mere survival. Most of us live comfortable lives where we do not need to hunt for our food, or worry about shelter and safety. Unlike the animals, the biggest threats we face are usually self created. Even these self created threats are not constant. Sure you may get killed by another person, or poisoned by human created toxins, but these are not eminent. Because we are reasonably comfortable, we have the luxury of thinking about things other than survival. The big question has been asked over and over in all different cultures. Why are we here and what is our purpose?

Let’s start by discarding the assumption that your life purpose is your job. Your employment is how you function in our society to take care of your needs.  Now, let’s discard another common assumption about life purpose, the assumption that your life purpose is about the roles you play. All of us are children of our parents. That is a role. Some of us are parents to children, another role. Brother, sister, friend, husband, wife, lover, partner, colleague, all are roles. Doctor, teacher, accountant, lawyer, trash collector, sales associate, all of these are roles. The roles you play can help you live according to your life purpose, or distract you from our life purpose, but don’t confuse them with your life purpose.

You are a spiritual being in physical form, not the other way around. Your life purpose is spiritual and you are living it through physical experience. You chose to come here to this planet, earth, in the third dimension, at the day and time you were born, to experience life as a spiritual being in physical form. This allows you to feel emotions. Being in physical form also allows you to experience the senses. You can taste, smell, see, touch and hear. You have chosen to experience the world in a wondrous way with multiple possibilities. This choice allows you to live your life purpose in a unique way. From your place in the third dimension, you can work to heal the planet and all her inhabitants. You can also work beyond this dimension interdimensionally to connect with Source energy. Your life purpose is to grow spiritually and contribute in your own way to the greater good of all life

Healing Is A Process    October 5, 2017

Some people get over the flu in 24 hours. Others have symptoms that linger for weeks. Some people grieve over their losses all their lives. Others move on. Healing is a process and for every person this process is different. Healing is not about time or effort. It is about bringing things into balance. If your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are mostly in balance, you will heal with ease. If you think and feel and believe you are sick and do not deserve to heal, you will create this in your life. Thoughts are very powerful creations and you create your thoughts. This does not mean you should blindly think positive thoughts and all will be well. That practice is avoidance. Recognize the circumstances you are in without judging. Ask to peacefully release any thoughts that are contributing to your situation and are not for your greater good. Then allow for the process. Recognize healing is a process and bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.
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Three Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary   September 28, 2017

You may be thinking I’m going to throw three cuss words at you and tell you not to use them. This is not about swearing. It’s about your well being. The three words to eliminate from your vocabulary seem benign enough. They are; should; can’t and why.

First there is should. How many times have you found yourself saying, “I should have…” Fill in the blank. When you use the “s” word and I don’t mean you know what, you’re placing guilt on yourself and guilt is something to eliminate from your emotional choice options. All guilt does is make you feel bad because you did or didn’t do something. Feeling guilty will never change what happened. Whatever you’re feeling guilty about, it’s over and your guilt needs to be over along with it. Instead of saying “I should have…” ask yourself what you learned or have the potential to learn from the experience and turn it into a lesson about making decisions you are happy with.

Next, there is can’t. Can’t is an extremely limiting word. Instead of telling yourself you can’t do something, try another way of looking at the situation. All things are possible. Some are just less probable. Because I am not skilled in something, or afraid to try it, doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Just like The Little Engine That Could, when I think I can, and put in the necessary time, effort or whatever else is needed, in other words, I accept the part I will play in the creation, I can. The key is; I may not choose to do something. Rather than telling yourself “I can’t…” Tell yourself, “I freely choose not to …”

Finally, there is why. How much time do we humans spend asking why something happened? Is it necessary to understand why, or is it more important to accept whatever happened, learn from it and move on? Everything either happens for a reason or there is no reason and order behind life. If you choose to see life as a reasonable process, you don’t always need to understand why. Life is about trusting in an orderly creative power far greater than you or I as individuals, yet we collectively are part of it and it is part each of us. If you trust in the process of life, then understanding why something did or didn’t happen isn’t a necessity. Understanding is just a bonus to help you learn and grow.

So the next time you catch yourself using one of these three words treat it as if you are uttering an obscenity. Replace” I should…” with “I learned…” or “I can learn…” Replace “I can’t…” with “I freely choose not to…” and replace “why?” with “I trust in the process of life.”

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Be Happy   September 21, 2017

Is happiness an elusive goal you strive for and never seem to achieve? So many obstacles and challenges can appear to interfere with being happy. Every person has a different concept of what happiness is and how to obtain happiness. Start with “If (fill in the blank happened) I’d be happy.” Here are some common possibilities. If I had more money, I’d be happy. If I had true love, I’d be happy. If I was in perfect health, I’d be happy. If my job wasn’t so stressful, I’d be happy. If I had a new car, nice house, ticket to the Super Bowl, I’d be happy. All these routes to happiness are external, dependant on someone or something outside of you. Happiness will always be elusive if you search outside yourself. Happiness is not about other people or your possessions. You are in charge of creating your own happiness, starting with your thoughts.

Happiness is a state of mind and a way of being. If you look at your life and the world around you as lacking what you need, that is what you are helping to create for yourself. If you look at the world as a place with unlimited potential for happiness, that is what you are creating. Every creation begins as a thought. This does not mean you should deny your challenges and lessons and look at life in unrealistic denial. Unpleasant things do happen, but you are in control of your response to them. Whatever is happening in your life, or you feel is lacking, that you perceive as an obstacle to your happiness is just a perception. The truth is you have unlimited potential for happiness. You came here to reconnect with true happiness. True happiness is not an elusive goal. It is your very nature. You create your own happy thoughts, ideas and responses. Be happy!

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Self Love       September 14, 2017

Love is not limited. It knows no boundaries. In order to truly be in balance, self love needs to be in balance. If you do not know self love and self acceptance, you cannot truly feel love for others. Do not confuse love of self with selfishness. Selfishness is about ego. Selfish people do not care about anyone except themselves. People who know self love care deeply about themselves and others and feel a fundamental universal connection between their individual persons, other people and the Loving Universe. Only through loving yourself totally and completely, can you know how to love and accept other people.

Are you in a space of self love? Self love is total and complete acceptance of who you are. This means loving everything about yourself with no exceptions. Imbalances in self love happen because of what you have been taught. The prevailing message in our culture is that love is earned. Love is not earned. It just is. Love is unconditional and comes with no requirements. The other reason imbalances in self love occur is the way you conduct internal communication. There are two forms of self talk, loving empowering self talk and self defeating talk. Your mind creates millions of thoughts daily. What kinds of thoughts you are creating? Replace any self defeating talk with empowering talk. Speak to yourself in a loving way.

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Trust        September 7, 2017

Has your life shifted lately? Are challenges presenting themselves and unresolved issues coming to the surface? You are being given an opportunity, along with multitudes of other people to shift and grow. Life is about change. You can either resist it or embrace it. In this fast moving world of ours, energies are shifting so rapidly, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what actions to take. What can you do?

My first suggestion is to take a deep breath and let go. Let go of your stress. Then, let go of your uncertainty. Finally let go of your desire to understand and control what is happening in your life. Yes, you create your life, but in order to create what you want, you sometimes need to get out of your own way. Thinking about something does not always solve the problem. Feeling deep emotion does not always lead to deeper understanding. Thinking and feeling are part of your human experience, but sometimes you need to take a step back and just breathe, letting go of whatever is obstructing the energy. Ask to be in a space of total and complete trust. Trust that all is well, all will be well and even though you feel challenged at the moment, everything will work out in the best way possible. Trust in The Loving Universe.

Improve Your Communication Skills With Empathetic Listening

August 31, 2017

Have you ever been talking to someone about an important issue and felt like you were not being heard? The person you were talking to may have heard what you were saying, but wasn’t focused. We all do it. We hear what is being said, but are we really listening?

Become an empathetic listener. We are all capable of listening, but what is the difference between empathetic listening and just plain hearing? Hearing is sound entering your ears. Listening is making a choice to concentrate on what you are hearing in an empathetic way without taking it on. When someone important in your life is talking to you, listen. Stop what you are doing and look right at the person. Whoever is speaking wants to be acknowledged, not ignored. The problem solver in you naturally comes out when someone is speaking about a personal conflict or concern. You want to help. Remind yourself your job is not to solve other people’s problems. Your responsibility when others speak with you is to listen to what you hear and provide a safe space for personal expression. Accept the speaker and what is being said without expressing judgment. Whatever you are thinking, keep it to yourself. Try not to offer advice. Instead, reflect back to the person what has been said with responses like, “That must have been hard for you.” Or “What are you considering doing about it?” Empower other people through encouraging their personal processes. Practicing reflective response and empathetic listening will improve your relationships and personal communication skills by releasing you from the burden of problem solving and freeing others to feel safe to express themselves without being judged or offered advice.


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