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Spiritual Guidance For Your Life


Reiki Master Teacher and Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra

Healing From The Heart Sedona AZ

Healing Using Earth Energies   August 11, 2017

The earth has an amazing capacity to help you heal. The wonders of nature are inspiring and have a calming energy. Sedona is one place on this planet with vortex areas. Vortex sites are natural energetic power points. At a vortex site, energy can be felt and experienced. The energy of a vortex: helps realign your energy, enhances meditation and contemplation, helps heal wounds from your past, and connects you with your life’s purpose. With a concentration of vortexes, Sedona is considered one of the major power points on our planet. Visiting a vortex site is an inspiring spiritual and aesthetic experience.

If you cannot visit Sedona, you can still experience the healing energy of nature and get in touch with your inner guidance. Think about sitting on a beach and listening to the waves crashing on the shore. Imagine the salty air entering and purifying your lungs. Now consider what it feels like to sit in a meadow under a tree by a gently flowing brook. Ask yourself where in nature you are drawn and in your mind take yourself there to heal and find peace.

Spend time each day outdoors. Breathe the fresh air. Look at the sky above you. Walk on the grass. Feel your feet grounding and connecting you to the earth. If you have any issues, send them into the earth. She will transmute them with ease and no harm will come to her in the process. When I take visitors out on the land, we often release unneeded energies and clear and cleanse our energies by picking up a stick, sending whatever needs to go into it and releasing the stick into the creek. This can also be done with a stone that is buried in the earth when you are finished.

When you are in need of healing, call in Mother Earth to help.


Your Spiritual Core   July 28, 2017

As a working professional healer, I advocate connecting with your spiritual core. Your spiritual core is deep within and all around you. It defies definition, yet it is the most important part of your being. Part of you and part of everything, it is eternal. It is always at peace. It is who you truly are, beyond the self imposed limits of third dimensional thinking and experiences.

To find peace, reconnect with your spiritual core. You are already connected. You just need to focus your energy there.


Owning What Is Yours  July 18, 2017

When conflict occurs or when you react to something another person says or does, you could be acting without thinking. Your actions may be impulsive responses, knee jerk reactions. If you find yourself feeling guilty or remorseful or insulted by another person, stop for a moment to ask yourself what stimulated this response in you and remind yourself that you are responsible for your reactions. No matter what anyone says or does, you create your response to that person. Most people don’t look you straight in the eyes and say “I am going to make you mad” even if that is the response they are seeking. Usually their actions or words bring forth a buried emotion in you. When a buried emotion comes to the surface, it may not be directly related to what is happening at the moment. Instead it is some stressful event or experience from your past returning through a conditioned unconscious response. Or it just may be an immediate emotional reaction brought on by stress. Either way if it feels bad, check in with yourself.

Is it really the other person who is making you feel the way you do? Or is it you who is responsible for your reaction? From a spiritual viewpoint, your reaction belongs to you. You, just you and no one else, created it. Accept responsibility for your reactions and if you don’t like them, become more aware of their origins and set an intention to change your behavioral pattern for the better.


Why Do Bad Things Happen to You?  July 13, 2017

Clients often come for my services as a Sedona healer to help them understand why bad things have happened in their lives. Why do bad things happen to you? What happens in your life often has nothing to do with your character or religious beliefs or bad luck or unfortunate circumstances. It is much more expansive than your human mind can comprehend.

You have the power of choice and make choices in your life that are based on your present knowledge, experience, intuition and judgment. Consciously or unconsciously you make decisions through analytical thought process, or based on your emotional responses. You don’t knowingly choose to suffer.  Yet despite your individual choices to make life run smoothly and pleasantly, unpleasant things still happen.

The reason unpleasant experiences occur is:  a power far greater than your individual power of choice exists, the power of creation energy. Creation energy is indefinable and infinite. This energy goes beyond human judgment of bad or good. It just is, and we are all part of it. Bad and good are human judgments. Creation energy is all that is. Good and bad exist in the human mind as an attempt to define and understand the nature of the human created illusion of duality. Duality is a product of human thinking. It only exists in the mind. Spiritually all are one.

Bad things happen to you because as a human being living in the thought based third dimension; you look at situations from a dualistic perspective of good and bad, based on thoughts, emotions and judgments. Shift your perspective to see all your life experiences as connected to creation energy and supported by The Loving Universe.


How To Clear Your Energy   July 8, 2017

Use this simple method to clear your aura, the energy field within and around you.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale, releasing any tension in your body.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale, releasing any emotional stress.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale, releasing any thoughts that are blocking your energy.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale, releasing any beliefs that no longer serve a higher purpose in your life.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale, releasing any blockages to your psychic abilities.

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale. With every breath you take, ask to feel your connection to The Loving Universe.

Ask The Loving Universe to clear you on all levels from the physical body to your connection with The Divine.

Ask to release all blockages on all levels, with all beings, under all circumstances, over all time and across all dimensions.

Ask to be brought into balance, self to Self, Self to others, and Self to Universe.

Ask to be in a state of peacefulness and harmony in the present moment.

Express your gratitude for your many blessings.


how to release past pain

Letting Go of Pain from Your Past    June 28, 2017

Are you holding on to anger with someone from your past? Fear that you will not achieve your goals? A relationship that has run its course? Old beliefs and habits? Whatever you are holding on to, consider the purpose it serves in your life. If it is hindering your personal and spiritual growth, it is time to let go.

Once you have identified what you’re holding onto, the next step is to set your intention to let it go. Intention is the start, but you also become aware of your reasons for holding on. Once you understand your resistance to letting go, letting go becomes easier. Set an intention to release your resistance. Become consciously aware, so when you begin to react in the same old way, you can break the pattern. Remind yourself that pain from your past no longer serves a purpose for you and declare that you will learn your lessons and move on. The past only has a hold on you if you allow it to.


Your Spiritual Life Purpose    June 21, 2017

One of the factors that distinguish human thought from the thought processes of other animals is our ability to think about the nature of our existence and ponder our reason for being here. Unlike our ancestors, we no longer concentrate our energy on mere survival. Most of us live comfortable lives where we do not need to hunt for our food, or worry about shelter and safety. Unlike the animals, the biggest threats we face are usually self created. Even these self created threats are not constant. Sure you may get killed by another person, or poisoned by human created toxins, but these are not eminent. Because we are reasonably comfortable, we have the luxury of thinking about things other than survival. The big question has been asked over and over in all different cultures. Why are we here and what is our purpose?

Let’s start by discarding the assumption that your life purpose is your job. Your employment is how you function in our society to take care of your needs.  Now, let’s discard another common assumption about life purpose, the assumption that your life purpose is about the roles you play. All of us are children of our parents. That is a role. Some of us are parents to children, another role. Brother, sister, friend, husband, wife, lover, partner, colleague, all are roles. Doctor, teacher, accountant, lawyer, trash collector, sales associate, all of these are roles. The roles you play can help you live according to your life purpose, or distract you from our life purpose, but don’t confuse them with your life purpose.

You are a spiritual being in physical form, not the other way around. Your life purpose is spiritual and you are living it through physical experience. You chose to come here to this planet, earth, in the third dimension, at the day and time you were born, to experience life as a spiritual being in physical form. This allows you to feel emotions. Being in physical form also allows you to experience the senses. You can taste, smell, see, touch and hear. You have chosen to experience the world in a wondrous way with multiple possibilities. This choice allows you to live your life purpose in a unique way. From your place in the third dimension, you can work to heal the planet and all her inhabitants. You can also work beyond this dimension interdimensionally to connect with Source energy. Your life purpose is to grow spiritually and contribute in your own way to the greater good of all life


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