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Your Spiritual Life Purpose    June 21, 2017

One of the factors that distinguish human thought from the thought processes of other animals is our ability to think about the nature of our existence and ponder our reason for being here. Unlike our ancestors, we no longer concentrate our energy on mere survival. Most of us live comfortable lives where we do not need to hunt for our food, or worry about shelter and safety. Unlike the animals, the biggest threats we face are usually self created. Even these self created threats are not constant. Sure you may get killed by another person, or poisoned by human created toxins, but these are not eminent. Because we are reasonably comfortable, we have the luxury of thinking about things other than survival. The big question has been asked over and over in all different cultures. Why are we here and what is our purpose?

Let’s start by discarding the assumption that your life purpose is your job. Your employment is how you function in our society to take care of your needs.  Now, let’s discard another common assumption about life purpose, the assumption that your life purpose is about the roles you play. All of us are children of our parents. That is a role. Some of us are parents to children, another role. Brother, sister, friend, husband, wife, lover, partner, colleague, all are roles. Doctor, teacher, accountant, lawyer, trash collector, sales associate, all of these are roles. The roles you play can help you live according to your life purpose, or distract you from our life purpose, but don’t confuse them with your life purpose.

You are a spiritual being in physical form, not the other way around. Your life purpose is spiritual and you are living it through physical experience. You chose to come here to this planet, earth, in the third dimension, at the day and time you were born, to experience life as a spiritual being in physical form. This allows you to feel emotions. Being in physical form also allows you to experience the senses. You can taste, smell, see, touch and hear. You have chosen to experience the world in a wondrous way with multiple possibilities. This choice allows you to live your life purpose in a unique way. From your place in the third dimension, you can work to heal the planet and all her inhabitants. You can also work beyond this dimension interdimensionally to connect with Source energy. Your life purpose is to grow spiritually and contribute in your own way to the greater good of all life


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