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The  Spiritual Nature of Time   August 16, 2017

I’ve often considered the spiritual nature of time in my practice as a spiritual healer in Sedona. Here is information I have learned from my years of spiritual healing in Sedona.

As we approach the re-awakening of the people on this planet and a spiritual shift, the nature of time is also shifting.

We use time to measure and define, to schedule. If you have a plane to catch, you need to be at the airport at a specific time in order to make your flight. If you have a traditional job, you need to show up at a certain time to begin work and leave at a certain time after putting in your required number of hours. Without an established system of measuring time, our daily lives would be very chaotic.

Then there is linear time, time progressing according to dates, minutes and hours that flow along a predictable line, from the past to the future. You were born on a specific day, started school during a specific year, graduated in a specific year, and celebrated annual holidays and events. All your life events followed an orderly sequence as you grew older and accumulated more experiences. At the end of your time in your present physical form, you will die.

Many people limit their perception of time to time as a system to schedule and time in a linear form. Ancient philosophers and modern physicists defined time less rigidly, as fluid, with no defined beginning, middle and end. What we perceive as the past, present and future is the movement of energy, intersecting and overlapping. Time is not static. It is subject to perception. If you are engaged in an activity you love, time flies by. If you are engaged in something you dread; it can seem to take forever. Can you exist in different experiences simultaneously, even possibly in different dimensions right now? Physicists have pondered and studied similar questions and developed string theory and quantum physics.

The only true time you have is right now, as you live and breathe. The mega second right now has passed. You are still wherever you may be, doing whatever you are doing, right now. Now is all there is, has been and will be. The past is your interpretation of what happened. The future is your anticipation of what will be. Now is what is, so make the most of now. Be in the eternal now.


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