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“Cynthia is a wonderful guide to the land, and to the Truth of the heart.”
Jan O. – Ft Meyers, Fla.

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healing-treatmentHealing in Sedona with Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart
Feel relaxed and at peace when you experience a one of a kind healing treatment, unlike any other treatment offered by anyone else. No matter what is going on in your life, feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Release your pain and stress while healing in Sedona with Healing From The Heart. Since 1999, Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra has practiced intuitive energy healing. She connects with Divine energies to create your healing treatment, based on your needs.
Call (928) 821-0989 for a FREE five minute consultation.

Reiki-training Healing in Sedona with Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart
Choose affordable, personalized Reiki training in Sedona. Learn Reiki at a quiet site with red rock views. Your training will be one on one, just for you. Healing From The Heart offers all levels of Reiki training from beginner to advanced Reiki Practitioner. Since 1999, Sedona Healer and Reiki Master Teacher Cynthia Tierra, has taught Reiki in Sedona. Discover a simple method to heal your life and the lives of others. Learn Reiki in Sedona in just a few hours and heal your life.

psychic-readingHealing in Sedona with Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart
Are you seeking direction on your spiritual path? Receive spiritual guidance to help address and identify your personal challenges and life goals. Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra, will serve as your personal guide to spiritual enlightenment, helping you gain clarity about your past, present, and future. You have 3 types of intuitive spiritual readings to choose from.
There are no absolutes, no right or wrong answers. The purpose of a reading is to guide you and help you discover what is for your greater good. You already have the answers. Trust in The Loving Universe and your intuition.Call or text (928) 821-0989 for a FREE mini rune reading.

Red Rock CrossingHealing in Sedona with Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart
Learn a simple method, taught only by Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart, to connect with the energy at a Sedona vortex. A Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart is planned just for you. As a member of The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association, Healing From The Heart is one of the few Sedona businesses permitted to take you on forest service land.
“It is my intention at a Sedona vortex area to help lift you up to your potential and higher self.” Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra

Reiki-trainingHealing in Sedona with Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart
An overview of all services and products offered by Healing From The Heart, their prices, and a special monthly discount offer. Spend from one hour up to three days focusing on your spiritual healing and growth.
Choose a single service or create your own custom package. 

Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart is your personal guide and healer.

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A Spiritual Perspective of Death

“I share this spiritual message to guide you through the joys and sorrows of life.”

Sedona Healer Cynthia Tierra – Healing From The Heart

From the moment each of us came into this world, we started down an inevitable path towards death. Many people fear death. Fear of death originates from fear of the unknown. Humans have many beliefs about what happens after death. In some cultures death is openly acknowledged as an integral part of the cycle of life. In our culture, death has traditionally been a taboo subject, making it difficult to see death as a loving transition.

Some religions see life as a singular experience to prepare you for death and the afterlife. If you live a good life and follow all the rules, you are promised a space in the serene eternal place of bliss. If you are bad, you could end up forever in Hell. This is a philosophy of control by fear. If you only get one chance and when you mess up, the consequences are dire, it’s no wonder so many people fear death. In some religious traditions there is the possibility of forgiveness, if you are judged worthy, but determining your worthiness is not up to you. Your fate lies in the hands of the Supreme Judge, or a savior. Fear based beliefs breed fear.

Love based spiritual practices promote love. Death can be viewed as a loving experience, a part of life to be embraced. When we entered this world, most of us were embraced by loving parents who welcomed us. It would be nice to leave this life in a similar way, surrounded by the love of those who will continue on.

Death is a new beginning, not an end. If you accept the concept of death as a transition and not an ending, when we die, we get a chance to examine our lives and evaluate our lessons. Death is a stepping stone to further spiritual growth, ascending beyond physical form. The Soul is eternal. Only the body dies.

There is no reason to fear death. Even if life is strictly biological, what good does it do to waste energy fearing rather than accepting the inevitable? Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced, moment to moment. We never know what is going to happen in our lives. We can only plan and make decisions based on what we know at the time using our personal skills. Some of us seek guidance from spiritual sources. Others feel they are going it alone, although in reality none of us is ever truly alone. No matter what method we use to make decisions, no one can be absolutely sure of the future. The future is yet to come and is flexible. The present is all we really know for sure. People who fear death fear losing life, because this life is familiar and secure. Strive to live your life with joy and love. View death with a loving outlook. Embrace death with the same love you have for life. We are all here for a reason and we all feel love during our lives. Remember the loving moments and go on to create more. Life and death are both about experiencing love.

Holding Love Ones That Have Crossed Over

Find a quiet space. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe gently into yourself until your mind and body quiet down. Become aware of your heart and breathe. Just breathe until your mind and body become still and your heart and mind open.

If there is someone in your life that has crossed over, and that crossing affected you deeply, allow that person to come into your thoughts. Open your heart to the spirit of the person that once walked in the world with you. Be in a spiritual space and be present in love. Remember what was good about this person and hold this goodness in your heart. Be in heart-felt compassion for any challenges your loved one experienced. Know that all challenges disappear after death. Expand your heart in gratitude for all that you learned through this person, whether the lessons were pleasant or difficult. Be in this space until you feel peace inside.

When you feel full, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth, bringing yourself into the awareness of this moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live with loving memories.

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