Explore the spiritual energy of Sedona with a knowledgeable healer.


Spend from one hour up to three days with Cynthia Tierra, your personal guide and healer.
My goal is for you to return home empowered and enriched.


Healing in Sedona
healing_treatment-enhanced-brdrd-uncptndBring your body, mind, emotions and spirit into balance with a healing treatment. Enjoy red rock views and vortex energy while experiencing healing in Sedona. Feel more relaxed and at peace. Cynthia Tierra, a Sedona healer with over 25 years of experience, will connect with Divine energies to create your healing treatment, based on your needs.




Reiki Training in Sedona
Reikisymbol-optimized-brdrd-uncptndChoose affordable, personalized Reiki training in Sedona.
Learn Reiki at a quiet private site in Sedona with red rock views. Healing From The Heart offers all levels of Reiki training from beginner to advanced. It only takes a few hours to learn to use Reiki to heal your life and the lives of others.




Sedona Psychic Readings
psychic-readings-optmized-brdrdDo you have questions and concerns about your relationships, money, health, or your life direction?
Gain understanding of your life with an intuitive reading that covers your past, present and future.
Explore the direction your life has taken and consider your possibilities.




Sedona Healing Vortex Tours
CT-SedonaenergyConnect with the energy at a Sedona vortex. A Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart is planned to meet your needs. I serve as your personal guide. The Loving Universe is my guide.




Prices, Products and Services
chakragreen-uncptnd-brdrdLearn about all services and products offered by Healing From The Heart, and their prices. One product is handmade gemstone chakra balancers, a simple way for you to balance your chakras.

Want to learn more about Sedona Vortexes?

Sedona Healing Vortex Tour with Healing From The Heart

Sedona Vortexes A Guidebook for the Spiritual Traveler
is a spiritual vortex guidebook.

For only $10.00, get vortex information that is not available from any other source. This book contains everything you need to know about the vortex areas of Sedona and includes a vortex map.

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(available only  in the continental United States)
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how to release past pain Let Go of Pain From Your Past
Are you holding on to anger with someone from your past? Fear that you will not achieve your goals? A relationship that has run its course? Old beliefs and habits? Whatever you are holding on to, consider the purpose it serves in your life. If it is hindering your personal and spiritual growth, it is time to let go.
Once you have identified what you’re holding onto, the next step is to set your intention to let it go. Intention is the start, but you also become aware of your reasons for holding on. Once you understand your resistance to letting go, letting go becomes easier. Set an intention to release your resistance. Become consciously aware, so when you begin to react in the same old way, you can break the pattern. Remind yourself that pain from your past no longer serves a purpose for you and declare that you will learn your lessons and move on. The past only has a hold on you if you allow it to. Healing in Sedona with Healing From The Heart can help you let go of past pains and move into the future more balanced and empowered.
copyright 2015 Cynthia Tierrra Healing From The Heart All Rights Reserved



Look into your heart and ask yourself if choosing
Healing From The Heart feels right for you.
Nothing is more important to me than providing you with quality spiritual experiences on your personal spiritual path.
I signed the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association Pledge of Integrity

Healing From The Heart in Sedona, Arizona
has provided personalized spiritual experiences since 1999.
Healing From The Heart is a member of
Sedona Chamber of Commerce and
Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.



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